Ethno village "IZLAZAK"


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An interesting ethno village “Izlazak” (“The Rise”) was built in Rudinice, whose name says it all for itself. Old people used this name to describe what nature gave them every time they came down from mountains to the beautiful river Piva using the old wire bridge. We use it to describe a place where you feel like being between earth and sky.
River Piva is just a beautiful memory now, because it is hidden by the artificial Lake of Piva. It’s hard to find anything artificial in a place where nature has conquered a modern man, so even though the lake is not natural, it sure looks like it is, and it’s certainly one of the most beautiful lakes in Montenegro.
Ethno village “Izlazak” is the oasis of peace and quiet, warmth and fresh air, freedom and beauty, and , of course, the memories that will always stay. In this traditional but also modern place, at the edge of the canyon there are luxuriously decorated cottages (cottage-apartment made of stone, with a bathroom, then three four-bed wooden cottages with bathrooms, ant five two-bed wooden cottages).
There is also ethno- restaurant “Koliba Izlazak”, which is a part of our ethno-village, and is set in a place where the first sun rays appear after the Sun rise. The restaurant has three cascaded terraces from which you can see blue water of the lake of Piva.
Part of a village is set for the youngest visitors. It is a mini-park where children can use simple toys and play interesting games. Nearby cottages, nature has set the soft and plain ground that we turned in to volleyball and mini -football courts.