Ethno village "IZLAZAK"


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Rudinice, Municipality of Pluzine , Montenegro

Municipality of Pluzine is situated on the territory 852 km2. The landscape is formed by very high mountains of Durmitor,Vojnik,Golija,Volujak and Maglić. This landscape has to do with a climate which is continental, with warm and very pleasant summers with the highest temperature of 36°C, and cold snowy winters with the lowest temperature of -20°C.

On the territory of Piva there is the famous lake of Piva, and less known, but not less beautiful glacial lakes, the Lake of Stabna and the Lake of Trnovo.
Besides the municipaity of Pluzine, there are sixty more villages in Piva. All of this recommends Piva as a touristic destination, especially to those who love mountaineering, rafting, canyoning…

Village Rudinice is one of the oldest and most beautiful villages, known not only for famous hero Bajo Pivljanin, but also for its landscape, location and rich nature.
It is set in central part of Piva, on the Pluzine –Niksic road, 13 km from Pluzine and 44 km from Niksic. From the main road, there are three roads to village, the shortest is 2 km and the longest is 4 km